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Best Practices

The Tata Group has been focusing on integrating the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) into group company processes since the past 15 years. Today, Tata companies are at various levels of maturity in this journey and there are many examples of industry and international benchmarks in Tata companies; quite a few have also developed cutting-edge, innovative practices.

A strong need was felt by the Tata leadership team to accelerate the excellence journey by democratising the sharing and learning within the group. To enable this, Tata Business Excellence Group started working on developing and implementing an approach to identify, capture, share and transfer good practices. The Best Practices initiative aims to enable the cross pollination of best practices that exist within as well as outside the Tata group.


Best Practices is a multi-dimensional initiative that comprises several components and layers, the most prominent of which are:

- Identification and documentation of Best Practices across the group.

- Prioritisation and categorisation based on group-level focus areas (identified as ‘opportunities for improvement’ or OFIs)

- Ensuring wide and convenient accessibility to all employees through a digital platform called EDGE.

- More intensive ‘face-to-face’ sessions that are theme-based or focused on a single company through learning missions, webinars and workshops.

- Setting up access to established subject matter experts (SMEs) in a range of fields.

- Enabling people to create communities of interest for sharing and engaging with colleagues in similar fields.