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Learning Missions

In order to have a judicious mix of digital avenues as well as face-to-face session, Learning Missions have been created as part of the Best Practices Programme. Through Learning Missions, group companies can interact closely with each other with a face-to-face process that makes it simpler to internalise learnings and imbibe good practices. This initiative focuses on a few important but reasonably deployable topics across various functions and verticals. Typically, these are 2 to 3-day sessions covering a wide range of topics related to one Tata company – this can be referred to as ‘company-focused’ set of sessions. Another variation of a Learning Mission is the ‘theme-based session’ where people from various companies meet to share good practices on a specific chosen topic.

Mini Learning Missions

With a view to benefit more Tata companies and provide impetus to the sharing and transfer of knowledge and best practices within the Tata group, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) has launched the concept of Mini Learning Missions. An offshoot of the Learning Missions initiative run by the Best Practices team within TBExG, Mini Learning Missions have been designed to facilitate the dissemination and internalisation of best practices across Tata companies. It takes the Learning Mission initiative a step further, making it more accessible to a larger pool of group companies, and will be held at shorter intervals, thereby providing a robust platform for companies to interact with each other and allow for greater knowledge transfer.