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Deep Dives

More mature Tata companies require a more granular examination than is provided by the TBEM Assessments. This led Tata Business Excellence Group to introduce Deep Dives in 2014. Deep Dives have been designed to focus on specific areas and examine them in much greater detail than would be possible in a TBEM Assessment. The scope is customised based on the need and they provide more prescriptive feedback. Deep Dives are able to be qualitatively different because the Deep Dive team comprises of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). SMEs, selected on the basis of the scope, are assembled from within group companies as well as from external sources to form the team. Going forward, it is recommended that companies scoring over 550 points on the TBEM Assessment criteria should alternate between TBEM Assessments and Deep Dives. This will set up a repeating virtuous cycle of a head-to-toe assessment followed by granular Deep Dives into important areas.


Currently, Deep Dives are conducted in the following key areas:

1) Customer Centricity

2) Operational Excellence

3) Organisational Performance Management

4) Safety

5) HR