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Customer Centricity

Customer Driven Excellence has become the new paradigm for enhanced performance. While businesses understand the philosophy ‘Putting the Customer first’, being truly Customer-centric has assumed an all-encompassing and critical role in today’s connected world.

Incorporating Customer perspectives, intentions and values into business strategy &organization capability development is at the core of this Customer Driven approach. Organizations that consistently deliver an experience centered on the Customer’s preferences are able to strengthen their brand, reinforce Customer loyalty and support profitable growth.

The Tata Group Customer Promise and Manifesto succinctly and sharply captures the essence of how Group companies can aim to achieve Customer driven excellence in their businesses. (To read the manifesto, log in with your Tata id.)

The Customer Excellence Journey

Customer Driven Excellence means much more than reducing defects and errors, complying with specifications and reducing complaints: Organizations which are ‘Customer Driven’ differentiate product and service offerings, and customize offerings with rapid response.  Customer excellence isa strategic concept and is directed to Customer retention, loyalty, market share growth in line with changing and emerging market requirements.  One way is to look at the transformation of an organization in this journey in three distinct stages – Customer Focused, Customer Centric and Customer Driven.

Research and studies have concluded that the success of Customer-driven organizations lies in their ability to understand markets that are fragmented like never before.  Creating a differentiator by touching the Customer through many facets, and learning from each touch-point has become the cornerstone of leading organizations.

How can TBExG help Group Companies on this journey?

TBExG is mandated to serve as an advisor and knowledge partner for Group companies as they undertake to fulfil the Tata Group Customer Promise for their Customers. The TBExG team works with Group companies to help them understand their Customer needs better, develop & sharpen theirCustomer centric approach to business andenhance business performance by delivering higher value to their Customers. This is achieved through comprehensive diagnostic interventions across B2B and B2C markets.

Some of the areas in which we help Group companies are:

Engagement Approach & Methodology

The team believes that actionability of outcomes and clear improvement roadmaps will help companies progress on their Customer-driven excellence journey.We take a 360-degree view of both the business and the problem by conducting a comprehensive and highly qualitative analysis, using various tools and methods.

Our engagement approach with companies has four fundamental pillars:

Problem Identification: We work with the leadership and senior management to understand the business imperatives and progressively peel the onion to arrive at key problem statements to be addressed in the Diagnostic Engagement.

Voice of Customer Study: Conduct comprehensive Voice of Customer (VoC) Study based on the problem statement, to understand the needs & experiences of their Customers and to get an outside in approach to the diagnosis.

Process Diagnostic Analysis & Insights: Use VoC findings and process & organization analysis to arrive at actionable insights and solutions to the identified problem statements.

Facilitating Improvements through reviews & monitoring: Co-create an improvement action plan along with the company and support implementation through reviews and conflict management.

The team at TBExG has completed more than 45 Customer Driven Excellence projects across 23 group companies in the last seven years. These assignments spanned various industries and markets, have addressed diverse problem statements and challenges and lasted between three to eighteen months. You can see a snapshot of our work once you login with your email id.

If you would like to know more about how we helped these businesses, write to us at msaraf@tata.com.