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Operations Excellence

Operations excellence is the foundation of Business Excellence. The Tata Operations Excellence Programme helps companies improve their business performance through operational improvements and create a culture of continuous improvement, transformation and change.

The programme has focused activities around three dimensions: Best practices, knowledge dissemination and group-level recognition; Deep-dive diagnostics; and Capability building. The primary purpose of the programme is long-term value creation for Tata companies. This is realised when best-in-class performance is achieved in terms of productivity, safety, quality, lead time, cost, capability and carbon foot print.


The TBExG operations excellence team is supported by two important pillars: the Tata Group Operations Excellence Forum (TGOEF) and a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). TGOEF, under the chairmanship of S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, TBExG is the advisory group to provide thought leadership to the programme.

A pool of SMEs from different Tata companies brings value to the programme through their domain expertise in terms of intellectual capabilities, experience and assessment and diagnostics skills.

Best practices, knowledge dissemination and group-level recognition.


The EDGE portal, Tata Network Forums and Communities of Interests are the vehicles for driving this dimension of the programme. Theme-based seminars, capturing and democratising shining stories of operations excellence, best practice sharing during deep dive diagnostics, knowledge dissemination and group-level recognitions for teams and companies are the key essentials of this dimension.


Deep dive diagnostics

Deep dives are administered through domain experts to give insightful and more often ‘prescriptive’ feedback acknowledging ‘what works well’ and insights on how ‘to reach the next level’. The diagnostics are carried out at two levels.

Enterprise level:

Based on the applicant’s operations strategy, the deep dive diagnostics at level 1 is carried out around enterprise-level systems, in-depth study of people capability and empowerment, process management, and technology and automation. This is augmented with an operations excellence culture profiling for the organisation.

Functional level:

The diagnostics process helps companies conduct deep dives on specific issues at the level of business functions such as project management, service, manufacturing, maintenance, supply chain management, quality, cost, delivery, IT and safety. More often, the level 2 diagnostics is focused on a deep study of a specific problem statement stated by the applicant company and tries to provide possible solutions.

The deep dive diagnostics process helps organisations to check their operations excellence health as well as get insightful feedback from SMEs. This in turn accelerates their organisational transformation and change management agenda.


Capability building

The success and quality of the output in the first and second dimensionsare largely dependent on the capability that is built, created and nurtured. The third dimension aims to build capability around the nuances of operations excellence both in terms of functional capabilities (in areas like process management, supply chain management, project management etc.) and also for assessment and diagnostic skills.

The flagship Operations Excellence Practitioners Programme (OEPP) aims to strengthen various facets of operations excellence for Tata companies. Various other programmes are also in the pipeline. In addition, strategic partnerships with institutions like ASQ, APQC, and premier B-schools enable us to be in sync with the latest knowledge on operations excellence prevailing in the world.