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Tata Power Delhi Distribution adopts best practice from Tata Teleservices

Published on September 02 , 2016

In 2015, Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s (TPDDL) Business Excellence (BE) department wanted to put a standardised system in place to evaluate the company’s BE initiatives. Taking a cue from Tata Teleservices’ evaluating system, TPDDL’s BE department came up with the Business Excellence Maturity Index (BEMI) Scorecard. The BEMI Scorecard reflects the organisation’s goals to ensure greater accountability of the business units (BUs) towards excellence initiatives and to create a culture of improvement among employees.

BEMI Scorecard

The standardised BEMI Scorecard carries a score out of 100. Each department within TPDDL is evaluated twice a year according to the scoring guidelines and the performance scorecard in the BEMI. Depending on its score, each group / department is allocated a ‘performance band.’ The scoring mechanism is designed to motivate BUs and functions to work in harmony with one another and also to check progress on a half-yearly basis, offering scope for corrections. The senior leadership team motivates the groups to score higher by ensuring reward and recognition for their efforts.

Planning and execution

The best practice adoption took quite a lot of collaboration and effort on part of both TPDDL and Tata Teleservices. A three-member team from TPDDL got details from its counterparts in Tata Teleservices, and spent nearly three weeks finalising the BEMI Scorecard. By identifying relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), the team prepared an index that would be uniformly applicable across TPDDL. They listed the initiatives, identified KPIs for each BE initiative and assigned weightages to each based on the impact each initiative would make on the long term goals of the organisation. After suggestions from the senior leadership team were incorporated, the final BEMI Scorecard was unveiled during the Business Excellence Annual R&R ceremony held in July 2016.

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