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Tata Steel Mini Learning Mission

Published on July 25 , 2016

In order to take forward the agenda of learning and sharing within the Tata group, Tata Steel shared its best practice on Daily Management in a Mini Learning Mission held on July 14, 2016. The Mini Learning Mission, facilitated by the Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG), saw participation of 41 Tata executives from 11 Tata companies. The session comprised of a classroom session on Daily Management, followed by a half-day shop floor visit.

The programme started with a welcome address by NK Sharan, VP, TBExG, where he spoke about the programme and the objective of organising the Mini Learning Mission. Anand Sen, President – TQM and Steel Business, Tata Steel, then addressed the participants and shared his views on the subject of Daily Management. Next up was Alok Krishna, Chief – TQM, Tata Steel, who threw light on the subject of TQM and Daily Management and how it is conducted in the organisation.

Mrityunjay Kumar, Manager – TQM, Tata Steel, then took to the stage to conduct an interactive session to explain the Standard Do Check Action (SDCA) concept in Daily Management. As part of the Mini Learning Mission, in the second half of the day, the participants toured the New Bar Mill (NBM) and I Blast Furnace (BF) of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur plant, to view and understand the concept in practice.

The Genesis of Learning Missions

TBExG, in its endeavour to assist group companies in achieving their improvement and overall business excellence goals, plays the crucial role of facilitating knowledge transfer and learning dissemination across Tata companies. To accomplish this goal of empowering Tata employees to learn and share knowledge across the group, TBExG has developed one of the most advanced digital platforms ‘EDGE’, which promotes best practices sharing within the Tata group. In order to have a judicious mix of digital avenues as well as face-to-face sessions, TBExG set up the Learning Missions initiative. Through this initiative, employees from different group companies can interact closely with each other through a face-to-face process that makes it simpler to internalise learnings and imbibe best practices. This initiative focuses on a few important but reasonably deployable topics across various functions and verticals.

About Mini Learning Missions

With a view to benefit more Tata companies and provide impetus to the sharing and transfer of knowledge and best practices within the Tata group, TBExG has launched the concept of Mini Learning Missions. An offshoot of the Learning Missions initiative run by the Best Practices team within TBExG, Mini Learning Missions have been designed to facilitate the dissemination and internalisation of best practices across Tata companies. It takes the Learning Mission initiative a step further, making it more accessible to a larger pool of group companies, and will be held at shorter intervals, thereby providing a robust platform for companies to interact with each other and allow for greater knowledge transfer.

To know more about how your company can benefit from Mini Learning Missions, please contact Vinod Kumar at vinodkumar@tata.com or Devraj Chattaraj at dchattaraj@tata.com